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Complete Kit - Insert and Mounting Track length enough for 5 x 18”rims to 4 x 22” rims.

Part: WB-RB-SB

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Product Description

Wheel Bands are the easiest to install and provide the most flexibility to accent your wheels with style.

  • It is a 2-part kit with a groove track and snap-in colour insert.
  • If the insert gets damaged simply pull it out and snap in a new one.
  • If you want to create a stylish look then choose the insert that matches your paint colour and snap it in for a 2-Tone sporty look.
  • There are enough Insert and Mounting track length to do 5 x 18" rims to 4 x 22" rims.
  • Includes alcohol wipes and a specially designed and patented tool.
  • Protects all 4 rims and installs in about 30 minutes.  
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When properly installed and used under normal driving conditions we guarantee the quality of workmanship and performance of Wheel Bands™ for up to 2 years, 24,000 miles or your next tire installation – whichever occurs first. The warranty includes color durability of the product in outside conditions, the fit of color inserts into the mounting tracks, and the adhesion of mounting tape to the wheel.

The warranty does not include damage caused by road hazards such as curbs and other road objects which may come in contact with Wheel Bands™. Wheel Bands™ are designed to help avoid or reduce minor scratches and “curb rash” to your wheels which occur in low speed maneuvering condition such as parking and drive through service facilities.

Wheel Bands™ are a sacrificial product. They will not survive all road hazard impacts. We recommend you keep extra track and insert material left over from installation. This can be used to splice in repairs to damaged areas of your Wheel Bands™. Should you have a warranty claim, please retain any defective product for our review.


Installation Tips


  1. Make sure your rims are at least 60 degrees warm.
    (Cold rims condense warm air upon contact and your rims will have moisture on them – doubled sided tape will not stick to wet rims)

  2. If your rims have been repaired or freshly painted, let them off-gas for at least 72 hours before installing Wheel Bands™.

  3. Once warmed up and dry, wipe your rims clean with alcohol wipes until brake dust or silicone residue has been completely removed from your rim.

  4. Remove the backing from the double-sided tape and push the Mounting Track onto the flat surfaced edge of your rim.

  5. Once you install it all around the rim, cut the mounting track about 1/16th of an inch longer and push it tightly against the beginning of where you started.
    (The goal is to minimize the gap between where the track ends meet)

  6. Now push the round insert into the mounting track and go all the way around. Again cut it about 1/16th of 1” longer and force the insert end into the mounting track.
    (Using the tool, push it in towards the rim and slide it around the rim to ensure contact is solid)

  7. Repeat on the 3 other wheels and you’re done.

  8. Your 4 rims can be equipped in about 20 minutes without deflating or removing your tires.

Pro Tip: For when your insert gets scratched as you scrape up against the curb; if it really bothers you, you can always find the intersection where the two insert ends meet and with the tip of a small knife lift the insert out of the mounting track. The re-install it with the damaged side facing in (hidden from sight) as you re-install the insert back into the track with the new side facing out.

Note: With the new tire changing machines (with paddles), you can even change your tire without damaging your Wheel Bands™.

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